With Knowledgeworker Coach Skills you train specific skills. Learn here how to define the skills to be used in your scenarios.

Skill Sets

Skill Sets are a group of skills, for example, the three skills Active Listening, Empathy and Clarity could be taught in a communication training. Together they form a Communication Skill Set. This skill set is stored centrally for your organization and can be reused for multiple conversations. In each conversation, exactly one Skill Set can be selected.

Define or change a new skill set

Skill sets are stored centrally for your organization in Knowledgeworker Coach. Let us know your wishes.

Share skill sets with authors

Knowledgeworker Coach supports the individual release of skill sets. Each author can be unlocked for exactly the skill sets they need. 

If you have created a new skill set, you have to unlock it for the authors to use it. Conversations with skills are only visible for the authors who can access the skill set that is being used.