There is a problem with the SCORM communication. After 60 seconds, the content has stopped searching for the SCORM API. No SCORM API was found.

To investigate the problem, you need access to the content administration. If you did not deploy the content yourself, please contact your content administrator.

Identifying and Resolving SCORM API Issues

Content not launched as SCORM content in a learning management system

If the content was published as a SCORM package but is not being launched in a SCORM-compliant environment, the launch of the content will fail.

If you exported the content as a SCORM package, make sure to select the SCORM type when publishing it in the learning management system.

If you want to publish the content on the web or without SCORM support, use the option to publish as a web package and deploy it accordingly.

Learning management system provides the SCORM API too late or not at all

If you published the content as a SCORM package and uploaded it as a SCORM package in your learning management system, the error could be caused by the technical provision of the SCORM API by the learning management system.

Typical technical issues include:

  • The learning management system launches the content before providing the SCORM API.
  • The learning management system launches the content incorrectly or using a different technical protocol.
  • The learning management system is not compatible with the SCORM standard.

For investigation of these issues, please contact the administrator or support of your learning management system.