Learn in this article how to integrate videos from Video-on-Demand providers and video streams of your video platform into Knowledgeworker Create.

Video files and video platforms

In Knowledgeworker Create you can integrate both video files as well as videos provided by third parties. It is important to understand the difference between these two types of videos to choose the appropriate option for your learning materials.

A video file is a digital file that can be available in various formats such as MP4, AVI, or MOV on a local storage medium. It can be uploaded to Knowledgeworker Create.

Conversely, third-party services offer video content that can be embedded into Knowledgeworker Create through links or embed codes. These videos, often hosted on platforms such as YouTube, rely on the host's servers for storage, which may affect their availability. While hosting externally could pose privacy concerns, it often comes with the benefit of optimized streaming that reduces bandwidth consumption. Should your organization already utilize such a video platform, its content can seamlessly be integrated into Knowledgeworker Create.

Embedding externally hosted videos in Knowledgeworker

Learn here how you can create external videos as media assets in Knowledgeworker.

Supported video platforms

The following video platforms and Video-on-Demand providers are supported by Knowledgeworker Create:

Platform / ProviderHow To
YoutubeMore information…

Video platforms and providers known to be compatible

In addition to the mentioned supported platforms, we have confirmation from members of the Knowledgeworker Community that the following additional platforms and providers can also be successfully used in Knowledgeworker Create.

This list is not exhaustive. It is very likely that further providers can also be used with Knowledgeworker Create. Integrations with these providers are not covered by Knowledgeworker Create support. If you would like to add a further working solution, please contact us.

Platform / Provider
Movingimage / VideoManager Pro
Swarmify SmartVideo