If you want to respond to learners' skill strengths and weaknesses with individually appropriate feedback, you can use the graduated skill feedback feature.

How graduated feedback works

Learners achieve a score for each skill with the summary of a conversation. This score indicates how well the learner applied the skill on their path through the conversation.

Graduated feedback is provided for a range of scores achieved. For example, a very positive feedback could be given for a very good score for a skill (range 90%-100%).

The number of gradations can be freely chosen.

Giving graduated feedback

  1. Open your conversation and switch to the Preview.
  2. Select the Evaluation tab.
  3. Open the area for your skill, e.g. Feedback - Skill name.
  4. Click + Add feedback to create another feedback level.
  5. Enter the lower limit for the score in the field Skill score above. The feedback will be used from this value up to the next higher value.
  6. Write your feedback text in the Text field.

The lowest feedback gradation 0% has no adjustable score limit and cannot be removed.

Use the trash can icon if you want to remove a feedback gradation.