Enhance your conversational training with the use of skill-oriented learning paths and give learners targeted feedback about their success in learning new skills. With Knowledgeworker Coach, you create immersive scenarios that target the skills you want to strengthen.

What are Knowledgeworker Coach skill trainings?

Skills are an add-on to your Knowledgeworker Coach Trainings. You can choose for each conversation if and which skills should be developed.

As learners progress through their individual learning path, they can earn points related to skills. With each decision, they train the use of skills to achieve the goal of the conversation. They receive more or fewer points for a skill depending on their decision.

At the end of the conversation the achieved scores per skill are visualized and help as orientation for a new attempt.

As a tutor, you can evaluate the scores and monitor the progress of the learning performance.

How do I train skills in my conversation?

  1. When you create a new conversation, select a skill set that you want to use for your conversation in the Skills selection box. If you want to add skills to an existing conversation, select the desired skill set under Preview in Settings tab (gear icon) under Skills.
  2. Create your conversation and differentiate the responses in terms of content so that the different skills of the skill set are used.
  3. Choose a reaction and mark the associated skills in each case in the tab Reaction > Skills.
  4. Once you have completed your conversation, you can specify graded feedback for each skill. For example, provide tips on how learners can improve on the required skills in the next attempt.
  5. Explore different paths of the conversation yourself and derive appropriate scores from the results for your audience, which you can give as a guide.

How can I disable the use of skills?

Skills can be deactivated for a conversation at any time.

  1. Choose Preview.
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab (gear icon).
  3. Navigate to the Skills > Delete skill set (X icon).