Learn how to create your first scenario with Knowledgeworker Coach in just a few steps.


1 – Log In to Knowledgeworker Coach

2 – Create a New Scenario

3 – Add Statements and Reactions

4 – Evaluation and Feedback

5 – Preview and Test

Log In to Knowledgeworker Coach

Open Knowledgeworker Coach in your web browser:


Enter your access data and select Sign in.

Create a New Scenario

After you have logged in, the list of all scenarios is displayed. It is still empty at the start. So start by creating your first scenario:

  • Select Add Scenario. A pop-up window opens. 
  • Enter a name for the scenario in the Title field and select Add.

The scenario has been created. The preview of your scenario then opens. It does not contain any statements at the beginning, but can already be started. On the right-hand side, under Training or Scenario, Media and Evaluation, you can customize various settings for designing the scenario, now or later.

Add Statements and Reactions

You can now start adding statements and reactions in the Conversation or Training tab. 

The sequence of statements and the choice of reactions for the learner shape the actual content of your scenario. Create an initial statement and add at least two reactions to choose from.

  • Select Training or Conversation in the menu on the left. The editor opens with an empty first statement. 
  • Click in the empty statement field and type in a statement or description of the situation.

  • Now expand the course of the conversation with reactions. Click on the blue arrow to add a reaction. Type a statement or description of the reaction in the reaction field. 
  • Repeat the previous step and add an alternative reaction.

Evaluation and Feedback

Learners can assess and improve their own decisions more quickly by observing the changing mood of the person they are talking to and by receiving direct feedback for reactions.

  • Select an alternative rating for the reaction in the Neutral mood selection drop-down.
  • In the Reaction > Feedback text box, enter an explanation of your rating so that learners can adjust their behavior.

Then click on Save.

Preview and Test

In the last step, the created scenario can be tried out via the Preview tab.

You can adjust further settings and explanations in the right-hand area:
  • In the Training or Scenario tab, you add information about the conversation partner and the situation. 
  • As Media, you set large-scale scene images and avatars for the interlocutor’s contributions. 
  • For the Evaluation, you can set up feedback as a final check for the learners.