You can inquire about your learners' prior knowledge using a pretest. In this article, you will read about how to assess prior knowledge with a pretest.

The Use Case

Learners demonstrate their prior knowledge by completing a pretest included in the course. Based on the individual results, mandatory course content can be converted into optional learning content. This way, learners are presented with a volume of new knowledge that suits them individually. 

Existing knowledge can still be voluntarily revisited, but it is no longer part of the mandatory learning content.

How It Works

  • Each knowledge chapter (learning objective) contains relevant evaluated questions.
  • You create the desired pretest in a separate chapter (learning objective) of your course.
  • In the pretest, you link the same evaluated questions (identical IDs) from the chapters of your course that are intended to have their prior knowledge assessed through the pretest.


  1. Pretests do not work in combination with pooling (random selection).
  2. Pretests do not work with restrictive navigation, where subsequent chapters are only unlocked after passing the pretest questions.

You can also watch a more detailed tutorial here:

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