Creating e-learnings from existing PowerPoint presentations can be an efficient method to convert content into an interactive self-learning format. In this article, you will learn how to automatically create courses in Knowledgeworker Create using the AI assistant KAI.

Before you start

PowerPoint files are structured differently than interactive learning formats; they consist of individual slides with often bullet points and illustrations. Therefore, KAI does not transfer the PowerPoint file word-for-word. Instead, KAI transforms the texts into a suitable structure for the best possible learning experience.

Step 1: Upload PowerPoint file

Upload the PowerPoint from your computer to Knowledgeworker Create.

  1. Select Create > Course.
  2. Click on the link Uploading a document.
  3. Upload the presentation
    • Drag and drop the PowerPoint file from your computer into the marked area, or
    • Click on the link Choose a file to search for the file in a directory.
  4. If necessary, provide additional information in the Optional context information section, such as a description of the Target audience or an assessment of the Knowledge level.
  5. Finally, click on Request outline.

KAI will then create a suggestion for the outline based on the contents of the PowerPoint presentation. The creation of the outline by KAI may take a few minutes.

Step 2: Adjust the outline

You can adjust the outline created by KAI to your needs.

  1. Adjust the outline
    • Add additional chapters and subchapters
    • Adjust the naming of the chapters and subchapters
    • Remove unnecessary chapters or subchapters
  2. Finally, click on Confirm Outline.

Step 3: Generate course content

Choose which contents should be created by KAI.

  1. Select Text to have the texts of the course chapters written. If you do not choose Text, an empty course structure will be created, which you can fill yourself.
  2. Click on Create course.

Subsequently, the desired contents will be created based on the PowerPoint presentation. This step may take a few minutes.

After creation, you can immediately switch to the content editor by clicking on Launch course. There, you can add further interactions or have KAI create questions.