KAI is an artificial intelligence integrated into the authoring system Knowledgeworker Create. As your personal assistant, KAI supports you in various tasks, such as generating texts and images or transforming a PowerPoint presentation into an e-learning course.

Where can KAI assist me?

PowerPoint and PDF transformation

With KAI, existing PowerPoint presentations and PDF documents can quickly be transformed into e-learning content. Based on your file, KAI creates an outline and automatically generates texts that can be directly transferred into Knowledgeworker Create courses.

Automatic course creation

KAI also simplifies the creation of new courses. By specifying a course name and description, an outline in chapters and knowledge blocks is automatically generated, and these are filled with initial content.

Text creation in the content editor

While editing course content, KAI offers text suggestions that can easily be dragged and dropped into the content. This facilitates idea generation and significantly accelerates content creation.

Image creation in the content editor

KAI also supports image generation by automatically creating images based on descriptions, which can then be integrated into learning content.

Question creation in content editor

Upon request, KAI creates multiple-choice questions on specified topics, which can be added to the question library and reused.

How can I get KAI?

KAI is included by default in Knowledgeworker Create licenses (as of 2024). However, your organization may choose not to use KAI. Please contact the person responsible for Knowledgeworker Create in your organization.