In Knowledgeworker Create, you set interactions at any point in the video where it automatically pauses and a popup opens while you watch it. You can fill this popup with additional content as you see fit.

Click here to watch a video with step-by-step instructions.

How to create video interactions

  1. Place a video from the Knowledgeworker Create media library as a media or media section in your content (Note: Only videos uploaded to the media library can be expanded with chapters).
  2. To place a video interaction, first jump to the desired time stamp in the video.
  3. Now click on Add interaction to insert an automatic popup at the selected time.
  4. You can further customize the interaction using the toolbar next to it.
    1. Click the stopwatch to move the interaction to the current timestamp in the video.
    2. Use the cross to delete the interaction and its popup.
    3. Click the pencil to edit the popup.
  5. By clicking on the pencil, you can open the video interaction and edit it as you like. Here you can place all the content that would also fit in a normal popup – texts, images, interactions, questions and much more.