When getting started with Knowledgeworker Coach, some terms can be helpful. Here we have compiled the most important terms.

DomainA domain is a workspace where content can be stored and shared. Authors get access to content by being assigned permission for their domains.
Experience APIExperience API is a standard for transferring learning progress to a service on the Internet called a Learning Record Store. This data enables detailed conclusions to be drawn about the quality of your scenario, the learning time spent and the learning successes achieved.
LayoutA layout defines the basic design of a scenario, such as whether it is a situation or a conversation, as well as the branding of your company.
QR codeA QR code is a machine-readable image that can contain information or links. QR codes are used, for example, to share links to learning content. Learners can scan these codes on physical objects or in printed publications with their smartphones to open linked content.
A scenario is the most important content element that can be created with Knowledgeworker Coach. It describes a situation, an event or a conversation. As a learner, I am given the task to react correctly in this situation. A scenario consists of sequenced statements and reactions.
xAPIAbbreviation for Experience API