With the overall evaluation, you give your learners feedback on the current status of their individual learning success in the course.

Adding the Overall Evaluation

In the editor, you will find the Overall Evaluation element in the Evaluation section. Ideally placed at the end of the course, the Overall Evaluation provides appropriate feedback and optionally offers a certificate or further information.

If the course has not yet been successfully completed, an automatic message indicates what needs to be done to complete the course. 

If the course has been successfully completed, a success message also appears automatically. 


You can select the following options - individually or in combination - for the Overall Evaluation:

  1. Display: Add a note on closing the browser window to the Overall Evaluation.
  2. Conditions: – Attention: These conditions do not affect the course completion, but only the information that is displayed to the learners here! –
    • 100% seen: If the course success is based on 100% learning progress, you can use this to indicate to your learners that all content of the course must have been viewed. If this is already the case, the success message is triggered automatically.
      In this case, you may need to check the relevance settings of your content elements to ensure that the important content is marked accordingly, or that content to be viewed voluntarily is excluded from relevance.
      The 100% seen option has no effect on the score required to pass in the course settings.

    • Passed: If the course success is based on a so-called mastery score (score required to pass), you can use this to give your learners a suitable indication of the required result. This option is therefore suitable for courses with scored questions. The display of the required result is linked to the percentage in the course editor (see image 1 below). 

  3. Certificate:  If required, you can add a certificate directly to the course. Choose between a certificate indicating successful completion or a certificate of attendance. Learners enter their name and download the document directly as soon as the course has been successfully completed (see image 2 below). 

    Please note: In most cases, certificates are already issued via the Learning Management System.

  4. Custom Feedback: In addition to or instead of the automatically inserted messages, you can write your own feedback here, also depending on a certain result when answering scored questions (see image 3 below).

Image 1: Setting the required Mastery Score in the course editor

Image 2: Including a certificate

Image 3: Adding custom feedback