Responsive web-based training (WBT) automatically adapts to different screen sizes, resolutions and end devices. This ensures that the learning content is displayed optimally on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. This flexibility makes it possible to use any device as a learning tool, which not only increases motivation but also opens up new opportunities for learners. 

The challenge is to make the learning content as intuitive and user-friendly as possible for all output formats without creating disadvantages for certain people or output devices. 

Compared to other authoring tools, Knowledgeworker Create offers this responsiveness fully automatically, without authors having to create, maintain and continuously test different versions of the same learning content. Thanks to predefined elements and templates in the drag & drop editor, it is easier for authors to arrange elements, line breaks, font sizes and the correct display of media. 

Not only is navigation and usability taken into account during learning, but also the output of the content itself, for example by storing different media sizes in the export package. There are no exceptions or requirements for individual browsers.