Interactive content supports the learning process by enabling the deepening and practicing of knowledge. A fundamental form of interaction in your courses can be questions. Learn how to automatically create questions with KAI, the AI assistant in Knowledgeworker Create.

KAI is an AI assistant for Knowledgeworker Create. Learn more about how to create e-learning content with the help of artificial intelligence…

Before you start

Creating questions with KAI allows you to generate new multiple-choice questions for a topic or text excerpt. The clarity and specificity of your description are crucial for the quality of the generated questions. Consider what topics you want to quiz, what difficulty level is appropriate, and who your target audience is.

Creating multiple-choice questions with KAI

  1. Open the content you want to supplement with a question and switch to the section where you want to insert a question.
  2. Open the KAI tab in the menu.
  3. Select Question as the creation wish.
  4. Specify the topic of the question:
    • Name a topic generally or describe it in detail, or
    • Copy a section you want to create a question about into the input field.
    • Optionally specify further wishes regarding difficulty level and target audience.
  5. Then click on Send. KAI will now create suitable question suggestions.
  6. After KAI has created a set of questions, select one and drag it into the content.
  7. If necessary, drag additional question suggestions from KAI into your content.

New questions are created in the question library and can subsequently be edited and reused.