Due to technical reasons, the amount of text that can be processed by KAI is limited. This article will inform you about what you need to consider regarding the size of documents when uploading them to KAI to create e-learning courses using AI.

Maximum Size for Uploaded Documents

Currently, KAI supports a text volume of up to 200,000 characters.

This corresponds to approximately 18,900 words in the German language or about 70 pages of A4 size in font size 12. Please note that these figures are intended as a guide, and the actual number of characters depends on the structure of the document.

What Happens If My Document Is Larger?

If the maximum length is exceeded, the remaining text in the document will not be processed. In this case, KAI only considers the text up to this maximum length. The content created will then be less precisely aligned with your source material. Pay special attention to the quality of the created content and check whether all information is correct.