You have created or found an exciting video on YouTube and would like to use it as part of your learning content in Knowledgeworker Create? In this article, you will learn how to embed a YouTube video into your content.

Embedding a YouTube Video

  1. Insert a new media into your content.
    • Open a course or content object in the editor.
    • Drag and drop a Medium into the content area.
  2. Create the YouTube video as a media asset.
    • Click on the placeholder for the media to be inserted. Select Select media asset from library.
    • Click Create new media asset.
    • Specify the language and a label for the YouTube video.
    • Choose Video stream as the file type and copy the video link (e.g., into the Video stream URL field. Specify any file name you like.
    • Specify the height and width for optimal display, with a typical video format being 1280x720.
  3. Select Save and Close. The YouTube video is now created as a media asset and embedded in your content.