If you want to insert mathematical, physical, or chemical equations and definitions into your content, you can use the "Formula" element. In this article, you will learn how to create scientific content with formulas.

Support for formulas is an opt-in feature. Would you like to use formulas in your content? Please contact our support.

Where can formulas be inserted?

Knowledgeworker Create content supports formulas in almost all areas of the Responsive Content Editor where you can insert text sections.

Inserting Formulas

  1. Open the learning content for editing and navigate to the location in the Content Editor where you want to insert the formula.
  2. Drag and drop the Information > Formula element from the sidebar into the content area. A placeholder will appear.
  3. Select the placeholder by clicking on it.
  4. In the properties of the element under Settings > Formula, enter the desired formula in MathML format. The formula will replace the placeholder. Check if the display meets your expectations.
  5. Save the content.

Which format does Knowledgeworker support?

Knowledgeworker supports the insertion of formulas using MathML, an XML-based language for representing mathematical expressions.

Example of the formula E=m*c² in MathML notation:


In the Formula field under Properties > Settings, you can enter the MathML notation into the input field. It is important to note that MathML notation has strict rules, and incorrect MathML can result in incorrect representations.

When writing MathML, consider the following:

  • Use only valid MathML elements and attributes.
  • Properly close all tags and attributes. Missing or incorrectly written tags and attributes can lead to errors.
  • Use the correct syntax for MathML elements. Some elements require specific syntax, such as "frac" for fractions or "sqrt" for square roots.
  • Do not use external scripts or stylesheets. MathML must be entered completely within the input field.

After entering your MathML notation, you can use the live preview to ensure that your formula is displayed correctly. If the preview indicates a problem, you should check your MathML notation and ensure that it is correctly formatted.

For more information about MathML, refer to the official W3C documentation at https://www.w3.org/TR/MathML3/.

Limitations of Using Formulas

Please note that formulas are supported in most browsers with certain limitations. Consider the following points when using formulas:

  • Very wide formulas may not be fully displayed on mobile devices. In such cases, check if you can use alternative formatting.
  • Accessibility support for formulas is currently not sufficient in all cases. For example, screen readers may not always read MathML. If needed, supplement the descriptions of the formulas accordingly.