You can use DeepL as a translation service for your content in Knowledgeworker. If you would like to use your organization's DeepL subscription for this purpose, you can integrate Knowledgeworker with DeepL.

Before you start

In order to use your DeepL account in Knowledgeworker, your DeepL subscription must have access to the DeepL API and you need access to the DeepL account information. If you do not manage the DeepL account yourself, please contact the account owner.

Be aware that there may be additional charges associated with the use of your DeepL subscription.

How can I check if my DeepL subscription can be used with Knowledgeworker?

Your DeepL account can integrate with Knowledgeworker if it contains access to the DeepL API.

You can check the availability in your DeepL account. Navigate to Account > Package > Current subscription. If Access to DeepL API is included in the supported features, your DeepL account can be used with Knowledgeworker.

How do I get access to my DeepL API Key?

The DeepL API Key can be viewed on the provider's website.

  1. Open DeepL in your browser and navigate to Account > Account > Authentication Key (DeepL API and CAT tool integration) .
  2. Copy the displayed Authentication Key to your clipboard.

Important: Treat the Authentication Key like a password. Do not share it with third parties.